Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Music Fair Food

I am so far behind on posts. The pictures have been piling up and I have no excuse. Wait, I was working on Halloween decorations.. I think that qualifies as a worthy excuse :)

Logan and I went to the Music Fair a couple of weekends ago. It was chocked full of live music and crafts. There was even a kiddo area where the kids learned to ride unicycles, juggle, spin plates, and other fun things. I was pleasantly surprised to see some yummy and healthy food booths.

I loaded up on hummus, veggie pot stickers, no sugar added granola, and seasoned macadamia nuts. The granola was a bar but it suffered a cosmetic misfortune when Logan dropped it on my rig floor. I am still finding pieces of it in my upholstery. Oops :)

**Rig = vehicle, car, truck and so forth to all you lower 48ers.

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