Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things.

OK, I have been seriously negligent about updating my blog. It is time to get back to it. My hard drive is fixed and my computer is working better than it did when it was new. So I have no excuse now :)

Just because my computer was down doesn't mean that I wasn't cooking. I have lots to catch up on. Here is a fun one. This was from our annual golf tourney on the mud flats this month. It is our way of staying sane during the sloppy time (break up) between winter and summer. This year it was brutally cold so we happily let the tide push us back towards the bonfire. Here is an ice tee just to prove my point!

And here are a couple of beautiful views!

Who can resist a pic of happy dogs?

Since xtra tufs are a way of life a good portion of the year and a requirement for the golf tourney, I was sure to include them on the cupcakes.

Real xtra tufs

My version. I regret that I didn't plan ahead. These were thrown together the day of. The event is annual, so it wasn't like I didn't know it was coming :)

The orange triangles that look like slices of cheese are replicas of the tourney flag. It is an orange pennant hung on a golf club. The material has a golf ball hanging from a short piece of chain. On windy days it can be down right dangerous to be near it! Each year the flag is embroidered with the current year. I had hoped to replicate something like that but alas... I didn't plan!

We had a fabulous time and the cupcakes (frozen from the cold day) were the bonfire.

Now for the food part. These were chocolate stout cupcakes with silt colored Bailey's cream cheese frosting. All decorations were MMF.

To all my friends: Bug the heck out of me if I do not post again soon!!