Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wedding Cake Round-up

What a rocking summer here in my kitch!  I'm finally at a point that I can catch up on cake posts. Gotta get it in fast before holiday baking begins.  Over the next few weeks I'll try to get these on the blog.  There will be a few halloween posts thrown in too.  It's gonna be an interesting mix :)

Each of the cakes this year were so different from each other. I have a hard time deciding which one shall go first. Let's start with one of my favorite type of style, rustic elegance.

Rustic buttercream twig wedding cake flowers fondant alaska seward the moon muse elegant

My clients were had a few rustic twig and vine style cakes, which are cool, but not as original.  After perusing the net and some sketching I suggested this one. Lucky for me, the bride loved the idea as well.

It was inspired by several spackle styles and one cake with wooden flowers.  The shape of the wooden flowers was so different compared to most cakes I have seen, almost poppy like but not quite. These of course aren't wood :)  As a finishing touch plum luster dust was brushed on the flowers to give them depth.

The top layer is red velvet with cream cheese swiss merigue filling. The bottom layer is vanilla almond cake with from scratch fresh raspberry curd.  The final coat over the entire cake was an vanilla almond swiss meringue buttercream.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Sea Turtle Shaped Cake!

Holy moly folks! Thanks for all the awesome shares on this week's turtle cake.  264 likes, 66 comments, 56 shares, and over 2,900 people reached in 24 hours! Thanks to everyone that shared this. I certainly didn't expect that from a quick short notice project.  Ha, shows what I know :)

This cutie was made for a birthday girl who came into town with the Eisenhower War College this week. According to the person that ordered it, this woman goes bananas for turtles; love it!  She requested that the cake be butter cream and not fondant. So this sweet little bugger was a chocolate stout cake with Swiss meringue butter cream and from scratch dark modeling chocolate as the "shell". Since this was for a grown woman, I didn't want it to have a uber fake cartoon appearance.  After a quick google, isn't google grand, I settled on this design based off of several other similar cakes. The most amazing non fondant sea turtle cake that I found came from Love to Cake in the UK. Be sure to click the link and check out her off the charts work. I loved the naturalness (is that a word?) of the one that she did and set out to do something similar.

So from "hey I need a cake" to delivery a little less than 24 hours later, this fella was born.  I would have liked to spend more time shaping the feet as they still appear a bit bulbous for my tastes. Hopefully someone else wants one and I get another opportunity!

Thanks again everyone!

Monday, March 3, 2014

It Is a Beautiful Day for a Wedding!

A couple of years ago my laptop crashed. I had a back up so whew! My new computer is a mac and my old a pc, and since I was busy at the time I never restored all my files.  This week I went digging through my back ups and rediscovered a ton of cakes.  I'll be posting these newly found files over the next couple of weeks.

This cute little green cake was made for casual outdoor wedding. The couple met over a couple of cups of chai tea so I brought that memory into the cake. Under the fondant was a chocolate chai tea cake with swiss meringue buttercream. They wanted a rustic but classy touch so I added simple fondant flowers and stems.

Stay tuned for more trips down memory lane :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Because Everyone Needs a Zebra Print Octopus Cake

The Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians commissioned me to make a cake for their conference held at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward.  
Their logo has a zebra on it and they since they were spending their week at ASLC they decided on a zebra print octopus :)
This creature took me about 22 hours to make. I wanted to look as realistic and in proportion as possible.  To do that and not have a 6 foot cake base, I designed the arms to swirl around each other so that they would fit on a 2.5 foot board.
All of my cakes are from scratch so it was easy to make it a zebra print on the inside too. Everything you see is cake and fondant except for a couple of the places where the arms are in the air. Since they need to stand up, those were made with rice krispie, covered in chocolate, and then the fondant. And as usual, it was all hand carved. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Because Love is Love

This fun one had my studio full of color.

I have been wanting to play with vertical layers for awhile now. It is one of those things that ups the wow factor as it appears like any other cake and then bazinga, look at that, there is a rainbow in the cake.

The cake is a vanilla almond with apricot jam between the layers and swiss meringue buttercream frosting.

For the icing I played with both rosettes and a scallop spatula technique.

Overall, a whole lot of fun compacted into one Valentines Day cake!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Xtra-tufs Are a Win Win!

This was my second year participating in the RBCA Annual Beer and Wine Tasting Event.  Everyone gets a little sample size glass to take home with them.  For those that don't drink, there are options as well.  It is a fun event and a great excuse to get out of the house in November.  In conjunction with the tasting, there is a Alaskan Chef Off and Dessert Challenge. The theme is always Alaskan ingredients. Last year I brought a little funk to the event with my root veggie macarons. This year I made these fun Xtra-tuf cake pops.  In additon to the total Alaskan Xtra-Tuf theme, they were made with my chocolate stout cake recipe.  The stout being Alaskan Brewing Company Stout.  How's that for an Alaskan ingredient?

They were a hit with both the crowd and the judges.  I took home first place in the dessert category.  Congrats to Kevin Lane and his team at the Alaska Culinary Academy for winning the chef off appetizer portion.  Yay for Seward talent! Seward locals took home both wins this year!

I have made these little bites a couple of times before.  Due to their popularity, I have decided to give them a try on my Etsy shop. My cake pops are always made from scratch cake. The cake is dense and moist and as close to fudge as cake can get. Since our from scratch cake is so moist, there is no need for cloyingly sweet frosting. Our Xtra-Tuf truffles on a stick are so delectable that people that have sworn off super sweet cake pops are pleasantly surprised and come back for more.

In addition to the xtra-tuf design, I also make holiday truffles (hint hint) and wedding bride and groom ones too

Congrats to all the participants. We had a great time and look forward to next year's event.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Making it legal!

We're back!

In case any of you noticed that my Etsy store and Facebook fan page seemed to suddenly get quit, here is why :)

My partner and I decided to make it legal and throw together a last minute wedding.  Pure crazy!  I finished a couple of scheduled orders and then promptly shut down shop so that we could focus on wedding stuff and take a little us time after the wedding.

We had an outdoor ceremony.  Outdoor wedding, October, and in Seward, Alaska.... yup insert more craziness here! Here we are headed out for a few rainy photos after our ceremony under the trees.

Chubby cheeks!  My beautiful mom and me back at the house for the reception. Xtratufs were definitely required that day.  I am showing off my cozy slugs that ordered just for the wedding, love those things.

Our unfinished addition was the perfect place to party!

We had planned for everything to be as stress free as it could be.  Word got out that I had opted to not make my own cake.  We were calling it an "anti-cake xtratuf" wedding.  Our fabulous friends just couldn't have that. A group of them worked hard to surprise us with 4 awesome homemade cakes. Never-mind that I look ready to salsa in this pic.

Better hold on tight.  I have a knife!

Celebrating with a kiss :)