Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Holidays Star Wars Style!

I absolutely love decorating sugar cookies. It gives me an additional creative outlet that doesn't take over my entire workspace. I can bake a few and keep the rest of the dough on file in the freezer or bake the whole lot and dive right in. 

For a couple of years I have made my snowflakes. They are always a huge hit and always requested. See, pretty! 

This year I needed a change. I thought of bringing back my naughty little elf. 

But that still wasn't flipping my gourd. And then I saw a commercial for Star Wars inspired make up. Are you kidding me? Make up companies are even trying to cash in. The more I paid attention the more Star Wars themed items I noticed. Now I am a Trekkie. Not to say I don't like Star Wars, it is fun, just not a major thing with me. But after I started piecing together my templates to get the shapes worked out I started to really get into it.  In order to keep the shape quantity down I decided to put Chewie and C3PO together like Star Wars II. Nothing like a glue stick and card stock to get those creative juices going!

Here is my first batch ready for the oven. Thank you to my friend Sara for the new silicone baking sheets :)

Next came the colors. This is often the part that takes the longest. I have something against out of the box colors. And if I am going to use a color, it has to be able to be crossed over onto another cookie in the project. For instance, Yoda green has to be the green for the ATAT and likewise the brown and red of Chewbacca has to coordinate back to Yoda. Long story short, they all have to be customized to one color theme. 

Once the colors are set I started to play. Pardon my Darth Vader. I had them all going well and then I caught the flu. While home restless I worked on that one. That was a mistake, definitely not my best work! Please note, this batch was for me to play with, non were given to clients and I worked in my house kitchen not my workspace while sick :) Next time I will use some jimmies like on the Elf on a shelf cookies above. 

I'd like to thank Sweet Sugarbelle for her awesome Yoda and R2D2 tutorials. Those really gave me a great base to work off. 

This was a really fun protect that gave me a little more challenge than my typical holiday cookies. Now I can't wait to do a version for Star Trek Beyond. Maybe I'll make a 4th of July theme since the movie is projected to come out later that month. 

Happy Holidays folks! Be safe and have a spectacular new year. 

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