Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Blog Focus and Halloween Teaser

Someone pointed out to me last week that I never advertise for cake projects. He is right.  My business is strictly word of mouth, and often repeat customers.  This allows me to be choosy about my projects and also insures that I can charge what my artistic talents are worth.

That said, it got me thinking about how I can do better. People are always asking to see a cake that I had been working on. Aside from throwing a quick pic on Instagram, I do little to publish my work. 

My new goal with this blog is to go back to sharing the details of what I do. I absolutely love to teach folks things that I have picked up along the way. Whether it be foraging for plants, mushrooms, or teaching how to make soaps. It is time I applied this to baking. This blog will be a accumulation of several of my "arts". It will be mostly focused on baking, but there will be some random foraging, costume making, and whatever is my current muse at the time.

I can't guarantee that my ideas are the best way, or that they will work best for you. However, they might give you a direction to formulate your own creative plan of attack.

So here's to doing better with sharing what I know to the internet world! 


First off is the Halloween cake that I am working on. This isn't for a commission. For those that don't already know, Halloween is my holiday. As in my Halloween lights are up and will stay up until February sort of thing. In my defense, the winters are dark and the orange lights cast a warm glow in my house. Every couple of years I do a crazy costume and on off-years, I do baking projects. It has been a long time since I have made a Halloween cake.

You will have to stay tuned to see what the final is going to be. I can tell you that it is a cake theme that I have wanted to do for a year or so. Only it is the dark version :)

My first step is staging out a few design elements. One of the most time consuming will be these modeling chocolate roses. This weekend, I made the chocolate, colored, and played with a what sort or roses.  Now these have been marred by nails and re-worked until I found the whimsical style that I am going for.  I'll go into how I make these in my next post.

Thanks for listening to the random thoughts in my head and I hope you all like the blog refocus.


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