Thursday, October 19, 2017

My knitting made it to the Ravelry homepage!

I warned you that there will be knitting and other things than baking!

Even though I have been knitting for a couple of years, I never made a hat.  If you haven't noticed, I'm one of those jump straight in with both feet type of gals. When I first started, I made a pot holder to figure out how the needles worked and cause and effect. Then I jumped right into making the Exploration Station shawl

and have mostly been doing statement pieces / project pieces since then.  This summer, I put my newest on hold and made several buffs and headbands for my staff at Adventure Sixty North

I was just about to restart my newest project and I got a text from my son saying his head was cold at college. So here you go, my first hat!

Little did I know that my quick no makeup picture in front of work would catch the eye of the Ravelry folks.

It was a quick knit from Tin Can Knits that I will definitely come back to later. The 4 stitch cable pattern is easy to do without using a cable needle. After a couple of rows of the pattern you get the hang of it and cruise.  Which means I can drink my wine and knit!

As I am a shop local as much as possible person, I need to plug Cindy at A Flyin' Skein.  She knows exactly what I look for in yarn and the projects I like.  She has recently started dyeing her own yarn under the label "Sheep Shades".  You can find my cookie related post on FB here.

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