Monday, October 23, 2017

I See You - Halloween Eye Cake

I see you!  Here is another teaser to my Halloween Cake.  The bottom tier will have eyeballs :) 

The tester for this came out great. It came out a bit dry as I was needed deeper pans to accommodate the size of the eyes. The problem has since been fixed and I just fired off the real thing with black batter last night. Can't wait to put it together. There are several Halloween surprise cakes out there. This idea came from Haniela.  She has a great YouTube tutorial if you want to see the full step by step.

I started with baking several sheet cakes in various colors.Using concentric round cutters, I built the eyes. Make sure these don't get too dry as they will be twice baked. A dense recipe works best, and cut when frozen.

I made 3 colors so that as you cut through you get a different colors that will echo the entire cake theme. Then back in the freezer they go.

In the original tutorial the eyes are placed in a round, but there are gaps in them. I wanted every slice, no matter how small to have an eye.  So again, frozen is key here.  Some of the eyeballs have to be cut into a wedge shape to fill the gaps.  They are arranged in a smaller pan so that I can freeze in the round and then insert into a larger pan.  My final cake is a 7 inch round. This is a 6 inch pan.  At this point I also brushed with espresso simple syrup for good measure.  The cake batter that it sits in is a chocolate stout cake.

I didn't take a pic of the cake in the batter.  For baking, I put a layer of batter down and set the frozen eyeball ring inside, covered with more batter, making sure to get the outer edges. A few raps on the counter to make sure it all settles is never a bad idea!  I'd recommend a pan a good 2 inches taller than your eye size and a flower nail in the center.

Keep a good "eye" on it in the oven. On my final cakes, I didn't fill the center as full. It will naturally rise higher than the rest as the batter is pushed while baking.  And that can lead to dark and dry edges.

This was definitely time consuming will all the colors but super fun and exactly what I was looking for.

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