Sunday, May 31, 2009

Luau Party For the TYC Fundraiser

This fun project was for a fundraiser for the TYC in town. It was aboard the Renown Tours Glacier Express catamaran. Their helpful crew even cleared out a few rows of seats to make room for a dance area on board. My son goes to the TYC, Teen and Youth Center, afterschool. They also have camps for school inservice and vacation days, as well as summer camps. My son loves it and always has a great time!

Done plugging local businesses, now back to the cake :)

The cake was a chocolate devils food cake with chocolate buttercream between the layers. On top of that a layer of ganache and then the fondant.

Here is a close up of the button and stitching detail. The buttons were a fondant and gum paste mixture with fondant "threads".

Cupcakes to match. These were a simple vanilla butter cupcake with lemon cream cheese frosting. The flowers were fondant mixed with a bit of gum-tex to make them firm and more durable.

I have lots of cake scraps bagged up in the freezer. At the last minute I pulled some out and made boozy cake bon bons. It was a 21 and over party with a bar on board so boozy desserts were in order. This recipe is based off Bakerella's cake pop recipe. I used scraps of devils food cake and a brown sugar cream cheese frosting with coffee flavored Kaluha in it. Then dipped the frozen balls of cakey frosting goodness in a chocolate ganache and topped with fondant flowers left over from another luau project. As I mentioned, these were a last minute thought so please ignore the finger prints and drips. Thank goodness the lighting on the craft was dimmed!

Here is a shameless sign that Josie from the TYC made for me. Thanks Josie!!

Finally, here is a pic of the entire spread before everyone boards and I head off the boat.


Unknown said...

Moni!!! You did such an awesome job! I love the detail with the buttons and stitches. I'm so excited that your cakes are such a success. YAY!!! Goooooo Moni!! :)

Shane T. Wingerd said...

Beautiful Cakes Moni!!! The detail is exquisite!