Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cake Catch-up

This cake was made to celebrate Pat Williams 100th birthday. It was a replica of the Ray Building.

Here is the real building.

Next is a Little House on the Prairie cake for a girls birthday party. The cake was a lemonade cake with brown lemon flavored butter cream.

There were lots of shingles!

I really enjoyed this one as I used to watch the show as a little girl too.

The last picture in this post is a sea star cake for a bride to be.


Unknown said...

I use to LOVE Little House on the Prairie!! I was bummed when Marie went blind :(.

Your cakes are beautiful

Anonymous said...

These cakes are so great! Awesome work!!

christine said...

Hello! I found this blog in Foodista and followed it here. Cool cakes you have here, its so cool I shared it over my face book friends and they loved it (I hope you won’t mind about that) . Thanks to foodista widget I saw your blog, keep placing those lovely widgets at the end of your post so my friends and I will see your next post, ayt? Cheers!

Ky said...

I have a friend who wants me to make her a Little House on the Praire Cake. What did you make the shingles out of?