Sunday, November 21, 2010


This weekend I participated in RBCA's annual fundraising event. We were all challenged to make desserts with Alaskan ingredients. In the name of growing local, I bring you beet, rutabaga, and blueberry macarons.

Did you know that macarons grow on trees?

I knew there would be berry desserts there so I wanted something a little funky and different. You all know how different I like to be! In addition to the powdered veggie roots, I also added some fruit teas from Alaska Wild Teas to sweeten the shells.

The beet macarons were filled with dark chocolate ganache. The rutabaga and blue berry macarons were respectively filled with citrus and blueberry French buttercream.

Since the idea was for everyone to taste all three flavors I served them in paper cones.

Here they are all laid out and ready to place in the cones. The beet macarons were on sticks so that they stood up higher near the "peak" of the cones.

Looking down at the display.

From the front.
I had a lot of fun participating in this event and look forward to next year. The macarons went fast and I ended up serving my ornaments as well.

I also have to smile when I think of how many people ate veggies and didn't know it :)


Unknown said...

very very cute!!! and so creative :)

The Moon Muse said...

Thanks Danielle!

Pamee said...

I love the cones where do I get them?