Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We're on Etsy now!

Howdy folks!

We have expanded our cake business to include edibles that can be shipped.  Our new online store is located here. There is a widget on my blog showing my current Etsy items at all times as well.

Here is a taste of some of our items:

Caramels - IPA, Guinnessplain salted, and Vegan.

Cookies - Organic and Vegan. Valentines cookies will be available after this weekend :)

Custom Cake Toppers Too!

So to all those followers that aren't in Seward, there is no excuse now!  And to those in Seward, pass this on to your friends!


Brittany said...

Um, WHAT!! You have combined two of my favorite things: IPA and caramel. I am sooo buying some of those when I get paid in a few weeks. YUM!

The Moon Muse said...

Yay Brittany! The IPA ones are super yummy and there is a good amount of "hop" to it too :)

Unknown said...

This is awesome Moni!!! Good luck :)