Monday, September 8, 2008

Pig in the blankets

After Saturday's UFC night, I had some extra bierock dough left over. Those things have been very popular lately so I have had a lot of scrap dough to play around with.

This time I made pig in the blankets for my son's school lunches. It is pretty straight forward. I rolled out the dough and used a pizza roller to cut out strips about an inch wide.

Since everything is better with cheese, I cut a slit in the dogs and added a few small strips of muenster cheese.

Aren't I creative? I managed to get the strips of dough and dogs in one shot. It was getting late and I was getting tired.

Gently wrap the dough around the dogs. Make sure the dough is wrapped tight but don't force it. Seal the dough by wetting the end of the strip with water and pressing it against the bottom.

Let proof and bake at 375 F for about 15 minutes or until golden.

My son came home today and told me that all the kids at his table thought I should sell them to the cafeteria. How funny!


Jules said...

These look delicious!

Amy said...

I LOVE the cheese idea, I would not have thought of that!

Deborah said...

I was just telling my husband this morning that pigs in a blanket sounded sooo good! And then I see this. It must be fate!

Michele said...

That looks incredible! Congrats for getting your food pic on tastespotting. Your bakespace peeps are proud!

Lori Lynn said...

I was searching Foodbuzz because I posted a photo of Pigs in a Blanket and found your post. I like the idea of stuffing the dogs with cheese first. YAY for Retro Food!